Ideative Product Engineering

Bluebenz has deeply ingrained software product innovations in its DNA by shaping ideas to reality

Looking beyond typical product engineering, Bluebenz provides intelligence in concept to design to prototype. We are building products and a solution to the future that is not just reliable but solves real problems that inventors and entrepreneurs face. The consultative ideation methodology provides the true picture of an idea; the way idea is deservedly desired. It mitigates all risks and let businesses discover how they can catapult their business success to a new, more profitable level while avoiding pitfalls and mistakes.

Visualizing the idea through the eyes of the inventor with the help of precise calculation of task, strategy and action

The Ideation Puzzle

Most ideas do not see the light of the day and get a nip in the bud for lack of vision, knowledge, and people to do it. With people comes experience and wisdom that gives away for a far sighted vision and multi-faceted knowledge about market, customer, industry, vertical, domain, process, methodology, and much more. Following are the reasons why 99.99% of ideas fail:

  • Lacks a vision; both businesses as well as for product.
  • Lacks focus and commitment.
  • Lacks the right team mix- unavailability of the right people.
  • Limited domain and functional knowledge.

Developing a Product is based on scientific approach; right tools, techniques & approaches needed to build Scalable, Usable, and Market Acceptable Products. With rapid changes in Technology Landscape, Market Trends, User Preferences, Business Processes, and Methodologies, it becomes all the more imminent to have the Right Vision, Right Approach, and Right People.

The Biggest Challenge that lies in the life cycle of a product is during the initial phases when the Idea is an Embryo. Quick Validation of the Concept is as basic as Oxygen. It sets the tone in the right direction and eliminates the dangers of non-acceptability and poor adoption.

The Answer

Creating a blueprint of products needed information yielded to be cracked in its true spirit through getting into the skin and soul of the idea

The Biggest Challenge in any Successful Product Development lies in poor resource at the disposal of the Inventor. Resources used matters most in Time, Right People, and Right Knowledge. Ideation is a perfect fit for those who needed the above.

An inventor may have the best idea for his experience in the Subject Domain; he may lack proper guidance to make it an eventual reality. Product Ideation nurtures the idea to condition it and make it a reality. The journey includes:

  • Feasibility study: product and market
  • Market and competitive research
  • Planning: setting up business goals
  • Realistic expectations
  • Quantifying goals
  • Defining the right pricing
  • Time to market

Feasibility Study of the Idea is some of the self-addressed questions that assess the very need of that idea, and the Problem the Product would solve if it becomes a Reality. It is the most crucial aspect of the entire exercise. It also ensures that the delivery is made in the right earnest and spirit. The objective is to document Actionable, Measurable, and Testable goals in detail and identify business opportunities.

Ideation helps to discover and imagine the product in the right perspective in the form of:

  • Product vision and visualization
  • Conceptualization via product verification
  • Product validation through click-through prototype
  • Scalability- flexibility

Enabling guidance with the best of deliverables and create right products that delight Customers and Users to Maximize Returns and Profitability. The Consultants advise Enterprises in creating Strategies, Innovations, and Process Transformations to build a sustainable Solution through mitigating risks during Development and Go to Market. Lack of Knowledge in terms of Market-Audience, Domain-Process Insights, and Right Validation of the Idea are some of the areas we support to help reduce disasters of Mismanagement and Overspending.

The Rewards:

  • Eliminates rework, close to 80% reduction in rework cost.
  • Saves time and energy improves time to market by 28%.
  • Complete validation of concept before one burns out.
  • Scalability- flexibility
  • Absolute cost saving, overall, 36% less cost.
  • Carve out the acceptable features and functionality.