Efficient Document Digitization: A Corporate Sector Perspective


In life, we do like to plan ahead and the same goes for our business plans. Increasing efficiency, lowering costs, improving productivity, and retaining customers is a day-to-day challenge. Success depends on how quickly we adapt to new and changing business landscapes. In times as these, what wouldn’t we give to make our business processes more streamlined, meaningful and easier?

One such burdensome chore is how an organization handles its document management processes. The entire documentation of a company needs to be either stored physically, taking up considerable office space, or has to be digitized using an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). This is where most companies struggle to successfully adopt a DMS that can align with their existing business functions.

In today’s tech-savvy world, companies dealing with documentation are invariably affected by document digitization or the lack of it. Transitioning to a DMS can instantly boost your company’s productivity and revenue, as most statistics show and allow more time for making use of the data, rather than spending countless hours finding it.

This is why it comes as a shocking revelation to me that many corporate firms are still unaware of the importance of adopting efficient document digitization practices. Here’s my brief list of why an EDMS must be adopted:

Same Old Mess: Despite improved business functions; ‘hygiene’ is a recurring issue. Unwanted documents just pile on, taking up space. Clumsy classification of documents is another familiar truth.

Wanted! Version Control Process: Versioning of documents is a major deterrent. Usual scenario: No single final version of a said document is available. Employees end up claiming their own preserved copy as the final one, saved in their email accounts, DVD’s, flash drives, hard disc folders, etc. Imagine the chaos! The biggest challenge thus is to organize and manage documents in a central document repository.

Lost Document Blues: You are done scanning your paper documents. But how about arranging them for easy retrieval? Earlier you couldn’t find the lost paper document. Now you can’t locate the digital version of the same. Same story, different kind of a mess, right?

Authorization and Security: Security has been generally lax. Few companies chalk out the authorization process, as in, who can digitally access or not access particular documents. Many firms are still not aware of cost-cutting practices like e-signatures.

A Well-Rounded DMS is the Need of the Hour

A good document management system has a customizable, user-friendly interface and advanced search options. They align to universal formats and feature role-based permissions and monitoring access for users. A well-rounded DMS offers more support by way of foolproof security, reduced expenditure, easy updating process, dynamic indexing, faster deployment, coordinated customer service and enhanced productivity. You gain a significant competitive edge by investing in a super-efficient DMS.