A thoughtfully designed feature rich intranet portal with a central document repository, analytics where your documents are stored digitally for easy searching and quick retrieval

Additional Information

Digiware is an enterprise document warehouse with comprehensive readily available features for document storage, retrieval, preview, index and archival. Inbuilt robust security framework with workflow engine is available with it.


Management Information System Reporting: reports that help you evaluate your business’ daily activities, activity tracking, and analytics.

Co-authoring: Collaborative editing and document creation for multiple users.

Bulk Upload: Uploading multiple documents at the same time, making digitization process fast and efficient.

Search and Retrieval: Cutting edge image processing technologies and search and indexing algorithms provide the user with fast and reliable search and document retrieval features.

Document Lifecycle: Workflow based document lifecycle management system.

Backup and Recovery: Avoid loss of data with our backup and recovery features.

Archival and purging: Archival and purging features help decrease your storage costs and improves search retrieval and indexing times.


  • Seamlessly integrates with Digi-sense and provides you with a complete digitization solution with quick installation.
  • Digiware reduces manual labour in searching for documents and also cut the paper consumption.
  • Customization is provided according to the client’s requirement and features built with easy and minimalist interface.
  • Organize your workspace and improve productivity that further reduces costs associated with physical document storage.

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ISO 20071 Certification