DigiSync is a robust software tool to convert papers into electronic documents by allowing users to sync, organize, and digitally retrieve then from a central repository system. Digital files and documents can be searched and scanned quickly, efficiently, and reliably for electronic filing.

Additional Information

DigiSync uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract relevant data from the documents by creating a digital replica of a paper image. The user friendly interface simplifies the operation of DigiSync with robust functionality.


DigiSync creates profiles and also distinguishes the documents into various document types into machine readable, editable format, making them easier to manage. Mapper facilitates enhanced search capabilities, as the documents are distinguished and identified by identifiers such as client name.

Once documents are scanned, they are converted into fully searchable PDF files. Using Digisync, they can further modify PDF documents, adding new pages, removing pages, sorting pages, splitting documents, etc. DigiSync enables functionality for merging documents and images. Structures and substructures in document classification are hence established. With an effective grouping system in place, the documents can be updated automatically and seamlessly.

Indexing, defining the templates for OCRs, and ability to extract region based data from documents to search and retrieve documents based on their content. Digisync has a powerful ability to remove noise and improve OCR accuracy with advanced image processing technology.

The documents with or without OCR data are synced to a central repository. DigiSync is compatible with sync documents to any DMS, FTP site, and even to common network drives. It has several features for enabling a setup for a paperless office with minimum difficulties, as digitalizing documents becomes a feature that is convenient and flexible. QuickSync syncs your documents at a single click of a mouse, whenever required.

Schedule Sync
A user has the liberty at scheduling document syncing at any preset day and time.


  • Easy integration and configuration due to powerful design and accurate recognition of letters, punctuations, and symbols.
  • A significant improvement over manual scanning and saves upon time, energy and resources,

  • The documents are then
  • Easy to retrieve at a later point of time, using specific keywords over a DMS portal.
  • Simplified operation and user-friendly interface for easy and quick reading and retrieving.
  • Compatible with different languages and multiple documents for volume scanning of any essential documents.

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ISO 20071 Certification