Digisence unleashes the power of Augmented Reality to blend in physical and digital worlds for manageable, immersive and result oriented digital campaigns

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DigiSence bridges both direct and digital marketing campaigns by fully-customizable AR experiences to track, analyze, and produce the best results.


Brand Building
A large number of agencies and companies now integrate DigiSense within their existing mobile apps to improve your control over the content and design. This results in out of the box engaging experiences, and the end user is empowered to scan catalogs, digital signage, out of home advertising, and TV ads. The presentation is a true reflection of your brand, in the form of variations in styling, instruction manuals, tutorials, and more.

Hybridizing both Digital and Physical worlds creating a connection between print and digital worlds, empowers you to add value for your brand by improving customer loyalty. It helps to create a narrative that may be fictional or nonfictional to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. You can also create characters that transform the entire user experience into a magical one.

Use of DigiSense brings forth marketing opportunities that let you create more engaging, immersive, and astounding campaigns with the evolving technology. One can keep the marketing approach customized and tailored for the end user in several ways. The buzz captures customer attention for an even longer time and results in leads that convert, while accentuation branding efforts for your organization and delivering sustainable value.

DigiSense comes across as a conversion booster for your brand. Opportunities for accentuating sales are plenty, and the procedures for making purchase decisions are revolutionized.


  • Enables applicability across verticals and creates value to the business through process optimization, contextual information and meaningful experiences.
  • Brings print to life by overlaying digital content upon real-world images, generating magical experiences that delight all types of audiences.
  • With limited space on print, you can stream digital content over physical one by rendering live ads with the help of AR.
  • Multistage ways of boosting market penetration by making it engaging, more innovative, and more accountable.

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ISO 20071 Certification